Digital Transformation now comes in a box.

Dexler lets you achieve a flexible, structured and effective SAP learning journey for any learner, resulting in a better employee and successful growth.

Effective training is the key to your organization’s progress via Digital Transformation. Choosing a training solution that works for your organization’s goals is a complex decision with many factors to consider. Some of them include higher engagement and value for money, better learning assessment and a better ROI.

The Digital Transformation Kit from Dexler gives you all these advantages, helping you realize your organization’s growth.

Value Proposition from Dexler

Kit configured for byte sized SAP learning in a flexible environment

Upskill / CrossSkill / Reskill through structured learning journey at your own pace and time

Practice exercises in a simulated environment

Measure effectiveness of learning through online assessment at the end of learning journey

Training for any of the courses within the learning journey

Become eligible for global certification

Register with us for unique, outcome based learning program.

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Our Digital Transformation Kit, through the SAP Learning Portal allows you to:


SAP Content – Access to a specific learning journey (with optional on demand Live Access

Exercise stimulations specific to the learning journey (with optional on demand additional assessments


MCQ based assessment at the end of the learning journey (with optional on demand additional assessments)


Online access to courses

Online simulations of exercises as required by the course

Online assessment post completion


Trainer & Server on Demand

Additional Assessments

Global Certification (where available)