Insights on digital transformation for technology companies
Transformation is about technology and
Most small and midsize technology companies realize that digital teansformation is absolutely vital in today's digital economy.
Oxford Economics surveyed over 3,000 executives in 17 countries to understand
how small and midsize companies are going about digital trnsformation,
what challenges they face, and how their efforts will pay off.
Download "The transfomation Imperative for small amd midsize Technology
Companies" and get insights into how to transform your business.
Among its finding:
  • Small amd midsize technology firms expect their technology investments
    to pay their greatest dividends in innovation and product development and transformation
  • More than half also expect improvement in sales, marketing, strategy
    and planning.
  • A key goal should be to create a workplace environment where millennials,
    as well as fast-rising Generation Z employees, can thrive.
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