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With digital technologies redefining business processes, organisations are looking for candidates with the right competencies. Participate in the SGUnited Mid-Career Pathways Programme–Company Training (SGUP-CT) and build in-demand capabilities and relevant skills for the future.

The training for 510 aspirants will be delivered by SAP and Temasek Polytechnic (TP) over five months, with a combination of instructor led and self-paced e-learning sessions. Complete your learning journey with SAP led industry case studies for two months and become an SAP consultant.


Be digital-ready and globally competitive with this full-time course


Earn an industry-recognised certificate


Receive SGD 1,500* (*Conditions apply) training allowance from SkillsFuture Singapore


12 months access to SAP Learning Hub

Course Objectives

Learn to implement and customise features of SAP S/4HANA Finance. The course Financial Accounting addresses new consultants who wish to obtain a comprehensive understanding of Financial Accounting in SAP S/4HANA and prove it by gaining an industry-recognised certification.

This course unlocks several opportunities and sought-after roles such as:


Application Consultant


Functional Consultant


Business Analyst


Business Process Architect


Accounting knowledge and general knowledge of business processes in Financial Management. A degree or diploma in Financial Accounting or an IT-related discipline.

Minimum entry requirements:

  • Singapore citizens and Singapore Permanent Residents*, aged 21 and above.
  • At least a Diploma/Degree in Accounting or IT-related discipline.

Applicants who do not meet the entry requirements may still apply and shortlisted applicants may be required to go through an interview for further review. SAP and Temasek Polytechnic reserve the right to the final decisions.

*This is excluding those who:

  • Graduated in 2019 or are graduating in the calendar year 2020 from ITE, polytechnics, universities and other educational institutions – including private universities and overseas institutions.
  • Graduated from ITE, polytechnics, universities and other educational institutions and completed or completing their National Service in calendar year 2019/2020 and entering the labour force.


  • This course offers 12 months access to SAP Learning Hub, Edition for Finance
  • 60 hours of access to SAP training systems for hands-on practice in SAP Live Access
  • Two online exam attempts for SAP Global Certification

Fees and Timelines

  • Full course fee before subsidy: SGD 22,673.30 (inclusive of GST)
  • Subsidised course fee: SGD 583.33 (inclusive of GST) Use your SkillsFuture Credits!
  • Course duration: 7 months

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Course Details

Choose a module below to know more about it:

Delivery Methods



16 Hours of Classroom Training


Introduction and Overview



Course included in the following training paths

SAP S/4HANA, SAP Software

  • Positioning of Finance processes in the SAP S/4HANA Finance solution
  • Financial Accounting: General Ledger Accounting
  • Financial Accounting: Accounts Payable
  • Integration Aspects between Materials Management and Financial Accounting
  • Management Accounting: Cost Centers
  • Management Accounting: Internal Orders
  • Financial Accounting: Asset Accounting
  • Financial Accounting: Accounts Receivable

This course will prepare you to perform and customise:

  • Identify the key functional areas of SAP S/4HANA Finance
  • Describe the capabilities of SAP S/4HANA Finance using selected business processes
  • Understand integration aspects
  • Understand the concept of SAP Fiori in the context of SAP S/4HANA Finance
  • Essential

      General knowledge of business processes in financial management
  • Recommended

Delivery Methods

Facilitated classroom training


60 Hours

This subject aims to equip participants with the knowledge and skills of measuring business activities and processing the data into useful information for reporting and decision making. The subject covers the accounting principles and accounting process, and equips participants with the requisite skills in preparing and interpreting corporate financial statements. It also addresses accounting issues relating to consolidated financial statements.

Delivery Methods

Facilitated classroom training


14 Hours of Classroom Training

If you are an entrepreneur, educator or PMET seeking revolutionary breakthroughs in creative thinking and innovation, you will benefit from this course. Going beyond conventional design thinking courses, this unique 3-step framework breaks down and demystifies the process of creative ideation that promotes originality, while encouraging out-of-the-box thinking.

The SEE Cycle will help you sift through the jargon and gain insight into the cyclical and highly iterative creative thinking process. You will be encouraged to adopt an open and expansive mindset that will embrace risk-taking and deep inquiry. You will also understand the importance of human-centricity as you develop multiple options to address issues and pain-points of your business or organisation.

What you will learn

  • Overview Of Design Thinking
  • Introduction To The SEE Cycle
  • Beginning With The Right Mind-set
  • Presenting The Design Challenge
  • The Power Of Empathy
  • Identifying the Issue
  • Deconstruction and Reconstruction
  • Presentation and Critique
  • Generating New Ideas
  • Discovering the Impossible
  • Validating Viable Options
  • Presentation and Critique
  • Summary and Conclusion

Delivery Methods

Facilitated classroom training


7.5 Hours of Classroom Training

With advancements in technology, vast amounts of data are being generated every minute. Wading through thousands of rows and columns of data can be overwhelming. What is the best way to make sense of the proliferation of data? One way is through the use of data visualisation. Data visualisation can help you distil large datasets into visual representations that make it easier for people to understand. It enables you to detect patterns and trends and makes the communication of insights more effective. 

What you will learn

  • Introduction to Data Visualisation:
    • What is data visualisation? 
    • The different types of data visualisation 
    • Overview of the applications of data visualisation 
  • Applying Data Management:
    • Understanding data attributes, data quality dimensions  
    • Analyse the nature of raw data 
    • Handling data cleansing 
  • Data Visualisation Techniques:
    • Understanding various visualisation techniques 
    • Applying appropriate techniques to display data 
    • Building a dashboard 
    • Validating the selection of graphical representations

Delivery Methods

Facilitated classroom training


7.5 Hours of Classroom Training

In this workshop, participants will learn to communicate data findings, tailored to a target audience, by connecting the dots using compelling narratives and visuals such as storyboarding and visual aesthetics. This will hopefully make it easier for the audience to catch on the significant message behind the data, help them make more timely and effective decisions, and hence, have a positive impact on the business.

What you will learn

This subject covers graphing fundamentals, graphing properties and building dashboards for reporting purposes using relevant statistical modelling and analysis techniques. The subject also introduces the knowledge and skills to apply the data storytelling framework and principles of data visualisation to enable business users to communicate and narrate findings relevant to business contexts.

Description Est. Duration Hours per day Total
Case Study FI 6 days 3 18 hours
Design Thinking 1 day 8 8 hours
SEN Author 6 days 3 18 hours
Develop click through demos for presentation 3 days 3 15 hours
Description Est. Duration Hours per day Total
Case Study FI Implementation Minimum 3 hours per day
SAP Enable Now - Master Author 4 days 3 12 hours
SAP Enable Now - Consultants 6 days 3 18 hours
How to build Chatbots with SAP Conversational AI 6 days 4 24 hours
Guide your SAP S/4HANA to Success 1 day 4 5 hours
Procurement Innovation - SAP Ariba and SAP S/4HANA in a Nutshell 2 days 3 6 hours
Conducting Conversations that Matter - The Fundamentals 6 days 4 24 hours
New Work and Purpose 5 days 4 20 hours
Be Visual! Sketching Basics for IT Business 4 days 3 12 hours
Intrapreneurship - Employee-driven Innovation 4 days 4 16 hours
Transforming your Home Office into Your Own Remote Studio! 1 day 0.5 0.5 hours
Marketing for Revenue Generation 6 days 4 24 hours

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